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Additional IPE Activities

Image of Level 3 Simulation team with patient

Many learners participate in several other learning activities before graduation. Examples of additional activities include:

Didactic Classroom Programs

  • Foundations of Interprofessional Collaboration: Introduction to TeamSTEPPS - Level 1
  • Foundations of Interprofessional Collaboration: Introduction to TeamSTEPPS _ Level 2
  • Human Sexuality Seminar
  • IP Team Assessment - Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy
  • Pandora's Box: IP
  • Social Determinants of Health - Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy
  • IP Agents of Change - Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy Unnatural Causes and Interprofessional Discussion - Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy  

Simulation Programs

  • Teamwork and Communication Pediatric Simulations - Nursing and Respiratory
  • Multiple patient profession simulation - SON/RT/Dietetics
  • Vital Signs Lab - Nursing and Occupational Therapy Root Cause Analysis Simulation - Health Information Management and Nursing
  • Pediatric simulations / team skills - Nursing, Medicine, ISBARR Lab Mock code blue - Medicine, Nursing, Respiratory, Pharmacy
  • Acute Care Simulation - Nursing and Occupational Therapy Virtual Home Assessment Ida Mae Homer 2 - Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing
  • Fall and Code Simulation - Physical Therapy and Nursing
  • Barney Smith 3.0 Standardized Patient - Medicine, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language and Pharmacy
  • Geri-Pal Ethics Seminar- Medicine, Law, Physical Therapy, Nursing, Pharmacy and Occupational Therapy 

Learning IN Practice Clinical Hot Spot Programs

  • IPTC Family Medicine Clinic - Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy               
    • IP Home Visits - Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy GIPTC
  • Geriatric IP Teaching Clinic
  • Caritas Clinics - Duchesne - Pharmacy, Medicine, PT and future work with Social Work
  • Lawrence Memorial Hospital - Pharmacy, PT and future work with Social Work
  • Konza Community Health Center - Junction City - Social Work, Pharmacy, Advanced Practice Nursing.

Community Programs